Case studies

Every project is unique and requires an individual approach

Identification of strategic partnersLeveraging our global network
A multinational technology company wished to identify reliable strategic partners to pioneer the exploitation of newly acquired cyber security capabilities.  Drawing on their network of trusted contacts in the sector Viasol were able to effect senior introductions to major FTSE 100 clients.  Within days the technology company had identified opportunities for sustained business relationships.

Eliciting commercial intelligenceCorporate mentoring
Viasol was approached by the business development team of one of the world’s largest corporations.  They wanted to ensure they extracted maximum benefit from discussions with potential partners and regulators.  We devised a series of short, inter-active, training programmes to develop their skills in conducting smarter conversations with busy people.  A focus on effective listening, elicitation and influencing skills enabled the team to identify new opportunities and sustain instrumental relationships in target markets.

Understanding the threats in an emerging marketCovert intelligence collection
A client was concerned that their growing operations in a key market were being hindered by negative elements of the local community. The threats included widespread bribery, corruption and the potential kidnap for their employees.  Using our established network, we were quickly able to cultivate a number of trusted informants who were well placed to deliver specific intelligence on the criminal and terrorist networks. Subsequently the client was able to work with local law enforcement and put in-place counter-measures, reducing the threat to their operation and employees.

Institution building – Creating a new government agency
Peace negotiations between warring factions in Africa opened up a sudden requirement to establish a new government agency.  Within a few days Viasol launched an up-country programme to prepare the entire leadership cadre for their new roles, including provision of sophisticated legal, human rights, investigative procedures and operational management training.  The new organisation has become one of the key state institutions despite continuing instability in the region.