Our people

Our professional consultants and trainers draw on a wide range of experience including the diplomatic service, finance, academia and national security. We are all graduates with strong foreign language ability. Every member of Viasol’s staff holds UK Government security clearances

We are internationally experienced and between our consultants we have lived and worked in every continent across the world.

All of our assignments are reviewed by our industry leading Oversight Committee which is a self-imposed standard designed to ensure that our work is continually delivered to the highest standard.  The parameters of the committee are agreed prior to each project and focus on the requirements of the client.

We are a private limited company based in London, registered in 2006. The company is wholly owned by the directors who maintain daily oversight of every project.


Alison McMahon deals with Business Development and you can reach her at am@viasol.co.uk or on +44 (0) 207 222 1392